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Surrounded in the middle of the river basin Guadahortuna on flat land surrounded by mountains from low altitude, Alamedilla is one of the towns in the province where more seniority and importance was human presence in prehistoric times. This is demonstrated by the remains found in the Cortijo Hacho, corresponding to a necropolis of the Bronze Age, some 2,700 years dating a. C.

Being this county in the middle of the river basin Guadahortuna, due prehistoric tribes exist (Paleolithic and Neolithic), as is known about the chance encounter some "stone axe" in the farmhouse Hacho and a necropolis.

As an isolated spot, away from the major roads in the province, was probably sparsely populated by people Iberians (bastetanos).

From the time Visigoda, without confirming documented archaeological sites have been found in the farmhouse of Hacho, which could belong to a shrine for centuries V to VIII.

At the time Muslim (p. VIII XV) Arab settlements are very numerous, especially in places near the river. In the same core urban Alamedilla, there was a cemetery today coincides with the Church.


In December 1489 the area Alamedilla was reconquered by Christian troops of King Sancho of Castile in command of the Duke of Gor, which happen to the property. After the Christian conquest, in Gor and their land was formed one of the most important domains of the Kingdom of Granada, the Duchy of Gor

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the evolution of different cortijadas cited in previous centuries ago that the P. XIX Alamedilla end becoming municipality.

In the late nineteenth Alamedilla benefits from an event of great importance for this area of the East Mountains: the construction of the railway line that a Moreda with Linares - Baeza.

Hacho The bridge is located between the municipalities of Alamedilla and Guadahortuna (Grenada), the railway line-Linares Almeria.

The Company of Iron Roads of Southern Spain instructed the French company Fives-Lille construction of the line-Linares Almeria. The study of the railroad was drafted and signed by the engineers of that company, Duval and Boutilliea.. The author of the bridge is unknown to us, given the disappearance of the files of Fives-Lille during the First World War, but if we know that these engineers, of great prestige, collaborated with Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel in flagship projects.

The bridge was built approximately Hacho for years 1886-1895. On March 22, 1898 was opened for public use the stretch between stations Alamedilla-Guadahortuna to the Alicún, whose journey had been built above the viaduct.

Technical description:

The iron bridge is a work of Hacho ready crosswise on a wide valley, the river Guadahortuna; basically consists of three sections and is supported by eleven pilasters seven-iron and four-stone and two stone stirrups, one in each end.

The peculiarity of this bridge is that the structural profiles that are built exclusively are three types: angle, crown and "U", the union conducted between different profiles through roblones.

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Alamedilla at present

ALAMEDILLA. Located in the most depressed area of Andalusia and probably the poorest in Europe, is a village located 863 m. Height above sea level in an area little flat, north of the province of Granada (in the area of East Mountain), on the border with the province of Jaen and some influence with the semi-desert of Almeria. It limits the TTMM of Guadahortuna, Pedro Martinez, Torrecardela, Alicún Ortega, Huelma and Goat Sto. Cristo. Christ. His TM occupies 9,080 You, of whom took part populated Has 13, 746 you can devote to crop irrigation and 8,321 Has a rain-fed crop, being the effective use of 8.2% of irrigation and rain-fed 91% .

The livestock is limited to a few hundred head of sheep. It is a poor hut in number, but with some very peculiar characteristic of the sheep ojinegra. . It is a race with a special connotations and characterized outwardly by a black mark around one eye. Introduced in the mid-nineteenth century land from the Seville got to adapt to the area it has acquired characteristics.

The weather is hot in the summer, cold in winter, and with little rainfall, some with torrential rains, which dumped about 414 litres of water per m2 per year and that due to the lack of vegetation and potential abuse in the crop, have caused a sharp erosion in soil with little vegetation, consisting of a mass tree reduced to a minimal expression, and located on the fringes of the river Guadahortuna, Mill Ghent, of Glen Rock, foothills of the Sierrecilla, etc..; and small mass of low scrub that has been established in the non-cultivated areas.

No. The people who inhabit this TM has gone from 2447 1960, of which more than half lived in the caves of Las Torquillas and Pozuelo Ravine, and estates like rock, Hacho, La Rambla of the Wolves, The Oqueales, etc.. at 961, recorded in the last census conducted in 2000, the date on which they are virtually abandoned farmhouses and caves.

From the capital, is located in an area of very poor communications, both by road and by rail, 40 Km. de la autovía Sevilla-Baza por Benalúa de Guadix ya 17 Km. Of the highway Seville-Baza by Benalúa of Guadix and 17 km. Of the road by Guadahortuna Almeria-Cordoba.


Information collected by Alfonso Ferrer and published in the book "Alamedilla mountain bike", a book published by (Miguel Angel Jimenez Algarra) in Granada in 1999. . Book can be obtained free of charge at the City Council Alamedilla.



- Situación: -- Location: Alamedilla is located north of Grenada, between the rust of Guadix and Baza and Mountain West. It belongs to the Forestry East. The distance from Alamedilla with respect to the provincial capital is 80 km. (Guadix) a 40 km. And with respect to the capital in the Judicial (Guadix) 40 km.


- EXTENSIÓN.- 90,65 km2. -- STRETCH .- 90.65 km2.

-- Names popular mountain: The Stone of Solana, which has 1,233 metres above sea level. This 4 km. de Alamedilla, Alamedilla of, in the Cortijo El Peñón There are obvious reminders Moors: remnants of pottery, tombs with ajuares, coins, etc.. It is a place abrupt formed by three giant stones, which were used safely, refuge Muslim, making the role of "natural Castle."

The Singing of the grill, with 1,100 metres above sea level.

Infomación del municipio Comarca: Guadix y El Marquesado Information from the municipality County: Guadix and the Marquisate

Código Postal: 18520 Postal Code: 18520

Distancia de Granada: 78 km Grenada range: 78 km

Nº de Habitantes: 811 habitantes Number of inhabitants: 811 inhabitants

Gentilicio: Alamedilleros What the natives are called: Alamedilleros

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Infomación del municipio Comarca: Guadix y El Marquesado

Código Postal: 18520

Distancia de Granada: 78 km

Nº de Habitantes: 811 habitantes

Gentilicio: Alamedilleros

Web oficial:

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